The City of San Bernardino

PRIORITY ISSUES & My Solutions To Address Them

San Bernardino has the potential to thrive, we just need a vision and a plan. My plan includes addressing the most pressing issues that can change the direction our city takes and can move us forward.

Fix our roads Implement a pavement management plan throughout the city by using existing city funds to fix the potholes, replace old water lines that are leaking and pave our roads.

Hire Local Police Officers Develop a Cadet-to-Career mentorship program that will guide our local high school students, who want to become Police Officers, through the process so they can achieve their goals!

Combat Homelessness Apply for all grant opportunities, work with local nonprofits and legislators to create a real plan to address homelessness in our City.

Be fiscally responsible As taxpayers, we must hold the City accountable for their expenses; the Council must ensure we are keeping up with our yearly audits and utilizing city workers first, instead of outside contractors. We must develop a clear vision of how to remain financially solvent and never go bankrupt again.

☆SB Solution☆
Public Safety is not just about “policing”. There has to be community led public safety initiatives that help supplement the efforts of the local police department.
Starting April 1st the Measure S tax increase kicks in and the City will be generating more tax revenue. The tax increase was approved without any direction on how the new revenue would be spent so, it is up to the RESIDENTS to tell the COUNCIL where they want THEIR TAX DOLLARS to GO.
With that said, the budget shows that our Police Department is receiving $84 million a year from the City and they are receiving an additional $12 million in grant funding.
The “policing” side is funded. Now, is our opportunity to fund the community based public safety initiatives!
▪︎A robust Homelessness initiative. Transitioning people off our streets and into housing will definitely help with public safety.
▪︎Turning on the streets lights is proven to reduce crime.
▪︎ Recreation programs keeps kids busy, the community involved and crime down.
▪︎Fully funded Library programs. Acces to learning and Education reduces crime in communities.
▪︎A fully funded Code Enforcement Division reduces blight and crime by holding.
SB Problem
We are severely lacking in PUBLIC SAFETY. There are not enough Police Officers per capita to properly patrol the City which not only puts residents at risk of harm but the officers themselves. Every police department is competing for good lateral transfers so recruitment really relies on hiring trainees. Additionally, the SB community is asking for more local cops and diversity in hiring.
SB Solution
As a candidate and as Mayor I will champion and support the creation of a PD Mentorship/Apprenticeship program.
A candidate must be 20 1/2 years old to apply to be a trainee but during my time hiring for SBPD I found that 95-97% of all applicants had committed a disqualifying act between the ages of 18- 20 1/2 and could not become an officer or those who had participated in a local cadet program moved on because there was no opportunity to stay with the department after they graduated high school.
To help remedy that we need to bring back and fund the non-sworn “civilian” positions that were eliminated from the 2019-2020 budget along with the 10 Police Officer positions.
We need to work with our school district to identify those students who want to pursue a career in law enforcement and reach out to them and have them in the cadet program. Partner them with an Officer for mentoring. After graduation have them working in the Police Department in a non-sworn position getting paid and staying out of trouble. Provide part-time work and help cover book costs for those who want to attend college. And then have them ready for the Police Academy when they turn 20 1/2. Investing early in our youth will help us achieve our goal of having our own “home grown Heroes” and creating a real community policing program.
♧SB Problem♧
The City is missing out on many grant opportunities because they do not have any staff dedicated to grant writing or management. The PD launched their own grant seeking efforts and have been awarded $12 million in just one year! The City Manager’s office needs to do the same. Additionally, the City needs to create a strong internship/apprentice program. We have a University and Community College in our City that has amazingly talented students. We need to tap into, be a resource for and prepare these students to become the next City leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, Police personnel, librarians, water engineers, welders, etc of San Bernardino.
As a candidate and as Mayor I will champion and support reducing the salary of the Mayor from $125,000 to $65,000 before a new Mayor is installed in 2022. The $60,000 savings can be used towards creating internship/apprenticeship positions throughout the City Departments and give more flexibility in the hourly rate. Funds can also be used to create $150 stipend for each additional meeting a Councilmember must attend outside of their regular meeting which requires them to miss work.
I will also champion and support the creation a new Grant Management Division under the supervision of the City Manager. I call for the elimination of the Chief of Staff to the Mayor position, the elimination of contracts we have with outside firms for lobbying and the elimination the Assistant City Manager position. I support reallocation those funds to create two Deputy City Manager positions (one in charge of Admin and the other in charge of the Grants Division) and creating the positions City Grant Writer and Lobbyist.
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