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When SB residents raise concerns about their services, public safety, elected officials, and/or city administration (all of which they fund with their tax dollars) they are being politically gaslighted, shut down and told that their experiences aren’t reality. Residents who speak out for change are labeled by some as, “liars”, “anti-cop”, “complainers”, “whiners”, “negative” and “critics” who will never be happy no matter what anyone does.
⬆️ All of this is Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE
As Mayor I will be a representative and champion for ALL SAN BERNARDINO RESIDENTS. I will actively work to take the politics out of city hall, demand accountability & change the toxic culture in the City that has created this adversarial relationship between the residents and their local government.
No more will residents be shut down or gaslighted about their concerns. No more will they be negatively labeled for wanting what they see other cities provide without hesitation. We live here, we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears what is happening in our own city.
Let’s take back San Bernardino in 2022!
The reputation of the City and the Office of the Mayor as been in disrepute for years. The antics, high turnover, lack of policy, lack of transparency and poor politics that have played out publicly has led to San Bernardino being referred to as “The Jerry Springer of the Inland Empire”.
The Mayor’s pay-to-pay corruption, misogyny, sexual harassment and bullying of employees has hurt our City’s ability to build and sustain relationships with other entities and elected officials.
As a candidate and as Mayor I will work to repair our reputation and relationships by continuing to being ethical, honest and transparent. I will seek out opportunities for partnerships in resources and grants. I will work to support and promote the agenda of the Council to achieve our collective goals and objectives. I will uphold the duties of the Mayor as stipulated in Section 303 of our City Charter and always put the residents first.
SB PROBLEM: Foreign Companies that own property in the Downtown and allow thier property to deteriorate but are not accountable to the City which hinders the redevelopment of the Downtown.
▪︎The Radisson Hotel and Convention Center is owned by a foreign company in Saudi Arabia that will not respond to the City or do anything with their building.
▪︎The Harris/Gottschalk Building is owned by a foreign Company in Spain and they also have not responded to the City and have done anything with their building in over a decade.
DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE! As a candidate and as Mayor I will champion and support creating a contract provision in the new sale of the Downtown that says if a property in the Downtown redevelopment area stops being utilized for more than 2 years without any plan to re-open or re-use, it reverts back to the City.
I also believe in an America First initiative. I support giving priority to American businesses, that employ local workers, pay living wages and directly reinvests into the our economy. We need to start investing into ourselves and our future!
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