My campaign is about uplifting the residents of the City of San Bernardino and ending the pay-to-play corruption that has plauged our City for years.

I am tired of seeing special interest groups come in with large donations and buy the Mayor and Council. We have to change this narrative and start electing candidates who are here to serve residents, not their highest bidders. That is why I am asking residents to help support and sponsor my campaign.

What your contribution means:

Your support and contribution comes with the promise that I will ALWAYS do what is right & ethical. I will never put the priorities of special interests over those of the residents of the City of San Bernardino. Contributing to my campaign is believing in good and positive change and wanting to end the corruption and cronyism that has plagued our city for decades. I will be the Mayor that money cannot buy, a Mayor for all of San Bernardino.

Any donation that you can give is much appreciated. One time donations or recurring, no donation is too small. When a community comes together there is nothing they can’t accomplish!

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